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signature facial

Customised for your skin with a truly relaxing elements. Enjoy a face, neck, decolletage and shoulder massage as part of your treatment. Incorporated in this teatment is a double cleanse, exfoliation, cream mask, serums and finishing products. Why not upgrade and add one of our Treatment Enhancements?

45 minutes


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mindfulness rituals

Mindfulness Ritual

Corrective Mindfulness Ritual





Advanced exfoliation technology while infusing targeted corrective skincare to address hydration, acne or skin brightening. Hydrodermabrasion Treatments offer a safer, calming, hydrating option to regular Microdermabrasion.

The crème de la crème of micro!



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heritage healers pure oxygen gas therapy

Youth Elixir 02 Facial 60mins
Youth Elixir Deluxe 02 Facial 75mins


o-biome oxygen therapy

Designed to compliment Pro Dermal Planning bringing next level treatment options and results to O Cosmedics professional skin treatments. Maintaining the philosophy of Skin Health, Skin Youth, Skin Confidence. Pro Dermal Active is formulated with the highest respect for the skin and its barrier to restore and optimise cellular function with the added benefits of restoring the skins microbiome and supporting the skin from within.



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