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Phytomer is recognized by professionals worldwide as an undisputed leader of marine-based beauty therapy. Currently, Phytomer products are available in over 75 countries worldwide. As a leader in the aesthetics field for more than twenty years, Phytomer has adopted strict standards for their products' quality and effectiveness.

Phytomer's beauty universe is based on the harmony between nature and the sea-its diversity and its riches. This unique approach, the origin of the Phytomer beauty philosophy, enables the marine brand to offer each individual, however different they may be, the care adapted to their lifestyle, needs and desires. With its original treatment collections comprised of the best active elements produced by research on similarities between the skin and the sea, Phytomer skin care products can help you combat many obstacles so you will be more at ease with yourself and enhance your natural beauty. Create healthier, more beautiful skin with Phytomer's exceptional, marine-based products.