Facial FAQ's

Q. What do your facials involve?

A. Our Facials or, bespoke skin treatments, are customised for your individual skin concerns taking into consideration your skin preparation prior to treatment and any requirements you may have regarding downtime post-treatment. 
At every treatment, we carefully select the most suitable peel, mask, and serums specifically for you.
We can customise treatments suitable for acne, congestion, pigmentation, anti-aging, rosacea, or sensitive and compromised skin.

Treatments in our Bespoke range are non-invasive, suitable for all skin types, those new to facials, or those wanting a great skin treatment with an element of relaxation.

Psst... the 60 and 75 min treatments include LED light therapy!

Q. A free inclusion sounds good, but what is LED Light Therapy?

A. Click here to learn more ;-) It's amazing!